At Acacia Joinery, we are deeply committed to a sustainable future. Not only do we give preference to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and AFSC (Australian Forestry Standards Certifications) certified suppliers, we are constantly reviewing manufacturing and design practices to minimise production waste and investing in new generation technology.



At Acacia Joinery, all of our timber is hand selected so that you get the best quality product. Each window and door is custom, made to order, so that each individual unit is built to the highest quality. Acacia Joinery are passionate in that all of our products are “handcrafted with distinction” so that there is no compromise with quality on your windows and doors.

At Acacia Joinery, we manufacture using kiln-dried select grade Australian hardwoods and other species of timbers.

These include:

Blackbutt, Jarrah, Spotted Gum, Rosegum, Tallowwood, Vic Ash/ Tas Oak


Other species include:

American Oak, European Oak, Ironbark, Maple, Merbau, New Guinea Rosewood, Taun, Western Red Cedar

Note: We are not limited to the above list of timbers, these are just some common timbers that we use!



Why use Timber? Timber is one of the most appealing materials at an architect or designers’ finger tips. Timber is versatile, renewable, attractive and cost effective. Forest and Timber products can effectively reduce the process of climate change in several ways. Growing trees absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and efficiently stores the carbon. This carbon remains sealed in the timber even when the timber is processed for production. Using timber instead of other materials provides superior environmental advantages too. The production of timber products, requires far less energy compared to some other building materials, such as: aluminium.

Energy requirements for the producing of some common building materials.

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Timber also has a superior insulation (R) value compared to other building materials. It has an (R) value of 2000 times greater than Aluminium & 400 times that of Steel.

Why use Timber?? – because it is a natural part of our environment that is efficient, renewable and sustainable.


Why use natural light?

Natural light not only illuminates your home, but also conveys a feel-good vibe throughout. You can transform a cold, dark room into a warm, airy environment to immediately create the illusion of open space. Imagine the positive effect your home will have on the environment when using natural features, including aspect, to maximise the effects of the various positions of the sun throughout the day. Create harmony with the environment by utilizing natural light and warmth, thus reducing electricity and energy consumption.


Glazing options

A selection of glass types is also available including standard laminated, toughened, double glazed for insulation properties, as well as the low energy range.